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    Good morning, We are an alternative education provider for secondary age students, supported by the local authority. I've been asked, by my line manager, to research and identify the interventions used by alternative education...
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    Peter Kirby-Harris has added: History Tutor - History and social sciences tutor This is the discussion forum for History Tutor you can view the full version by clicking the link below: Read more...
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    Peter Kirby-Harris I have 15 years of tutoring experience in History as well as Politics, Economics and Philosophy/RS About Me Professional BiographyI have 15 years worth of tutoring experiences throughout the social...
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  • English Teacher Zee
    English Teacher Zee has added: Ages 7 years+ - Adults - TEFL/TESOL English Lessons tailored to all levels/aged 7yrs+ to Adults This is the discussion forum for Ages 7 years+ - Adults you can view the full version by clicking the link...
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    Teacher Zee Teaching/Tutoring Experience I have worked in the Education Sector for over 20 years and taught in primary & secondary schools. I completed the CELTA course and am TEFL (TESOL) certified. I have taught English online...
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    Can you use anagrams in formal writing