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Ages 11-16+ [Secondary] Using Interactive Quiz Apps (Kahoot, Slido)

Astra Gray Herondale

EdChat™ Esquire
Dec 19, 2018
The use of interactive quiz apps for teaching various subjects have been increasingly popular among teachers who'd like to engage their technology-oriented students better. These apps encourage better participation by fostering a more relaxed avenue for learning. Examples of such apps include Kahoot and Slido.

The first app, Kahoot, allows students to connect to a host's quiz (previously set-up by the teacher) via their mobile phones, either through the Kahoot app or website. The teacher flashes quiz questions on the projector screen, then students are prompted to answer using their mobile phones. Scores are updated real time, and those who answer faster are given higher points.

I think it's a fun alternative to standard pen-and-paper quizzes. It can be used to spice up history lessons, which are often thought of as boring by students. What do you think?
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Technical Support
Staff member
Sep 27, 2010
Sydney NSW, Australia
Kahoot is great, easy to set up and most adult classes everyone has phones. In schools students can do it in IT. Creates a real buzz for many activities, I think it can be used in many great ways. It is a shame many features are paid but a brilliant tool nevertheless.

Moses Onyedikachukwu

EdChat™ Nomad
May 2, 2020
I have not come across the apps in mention, and will be checking them out.

I fully support attempts by developers and teachers at finding ways to properly utilize technology in ensuring efficiency in learning.