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All Ages Traditional vs Modern religious teachings


EdChat™ Esquire
Dec 13, 2012
I had a number of religious subjects in grade school through college. I enjoyed them of course because they were easy and interesting. However, I noticed a difference in the teachings. The religious subjects in grade school and high school were traditional while the religious subjects in college was more modern in their teachings.

The main difference that I noticed is that the traditional teaching stated that Jesus was God while the more modern teaching stated that Jesus was man who became God through his teachings.

Which type of religious teaching do you prefer?


EdChat™ Nomad
Nov 9, 2014
When it comes on to finding accurate knowledge about God and Jesus only one book is inspired by God himself (the Bible).The teaching therein are truthful and dynamic.It can be applied to any generation any language for Gods ways never change neither does his word. For example Gods word at JOHN 3:16 in part says "God gave(or sent) his son.
If we reason on this, they are two persons #1 The sender-God, #2 The one who is been sent-Jesus.
No where does it say God came in a human form nor did Jesus say I am God. It is not complicated people make it that way.