The Right Way to Go Down On Her

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    One of the most mysterious aspects of sexuality for men is how to go down on women the right way. You’ve probably spent many a late Saturday night getting a sore neck and jaw wondering if you’re making any progress whatsoever.

    Listen, there’s nothing to be ashamed of here. It’s not as if they covered this in your high school sex ed class.

    Fortunately, I’m going to give you some tips gleaned from some of my favorite women.

    1. Get into it.

    Listen, you know the difference between a woman giving you head because she thinks she has to and a woman giving you head because she loves it.

    If you get down there and go at it like a man in the desert going after water, you don’t need to have the best technique in the world. Your enthusiasm will make up for a lot of things you’re doing “wrong.”

    2. Don’t go in dry.

    If she’s dry, she’s not happy. Ever have a woman put your limp unit in her mouth and start going to town? Kind of awkward, right?

    It’s the same thing if you start going to town on her before she’s ready. Get her worked up a bit with your hands first.

    Pay attention to the clitoris, but also cup the labia and give her a kind of “hug.” That will get the pump primed and ready for you to get busy.

    “Give her some of the best face and she’s

    going to remember you as that guy.”
    3. Make your way down.

    Move toward her nether regions after giving her a final grind of the crotch, but do so slowly. Lick down her neck, chest and stomach. Build the tension you started building when you first touched her between the legs.

    Remember, anticipation is one of the hottest things in the world. Using it to your advantage will only heighten her pleasure and have her remembering you as the guy who really made her hot.

    Also, I should probably tell you: Don’t burrow under the covers. There’s nothing less sexy than having to come up for air 10 seconds after she gets off.

    4. Open her up.

    Get your hands out of her and spread her open. This way everything will be right on display for you.

    Remember female anatomy? If you don’t, it’s worth taking a quick class to brush up on the finer points. Get in there and attack the most sensitive parts, which are not limited to the clitoris.

    Penetrate her, lick around the labia and give lots of wet attention to her entire vaginal region. When you’ve gotten things really worked up, concentrate on her clitoris.

    5. Pay attention.

    What does she like? What really gets her moaning? That’s what you want to stick with.

    Don’t do the stupid thing where you spell the alphabet unless you’re trying to figure out which letter she likes the best.

    Like men, women generally get off when you do the same thing for long enough. The hard part is figuring out what that one thing is. Once you’ve got that covered, stick with it until she’s in the throes of ecstasy.

    At this point, don’t be afraid to get your fingers and hand back in on the action.

    Bottom line? Give her some of the best face she’s ever had in her life and she’s going to remember you as that guy.

    What better accolade could you receive?

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    Jordan Harbinger is a Wall Street lawyer turned social dynamics expert and coach. He is the owner and co-founder of The Art of Charm, a dating and relationships coaching company. If you dig this and want to learn more from Jordan and The Art of Charm team, then visit You can also interact with Jordan on Facebook or Twitter.
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    Do it slowly is the right way. And what you must know when you are already down there is that there are two sides of clitoris. The left and the right. The sensation switches sides. So you have to feel where side she is reacting more. And please, dont do it like someone who is hungry for food. Feel her so it will not take you longer and yiu can give her lots of satisfaction in 1 round.
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    I think confidence is the key here. Many a time people don't perform well as there is a huge pressure of satisfying the other person. Just being comfortable and asking the other person for suggestions would make sex way better in my opinion. Good tip.
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    for me do it slowly. don't force anything or don't get too excited. just go with the flow. be comfortable with each other.
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    I think you should do it slowly until both of you will be friends and then tell her everything
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    I think everything should come naturally, without education on this regard. Some things created by God should remain sacred and secretive. Their human nature will do the trick, they don't need classes for it.
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    Some people actually need lessons regarding this issue. I guess it makes some uncomfortable to read but it is necessary because getting it wrong could result in some awkward moments.

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