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All Ages Teaching visual learners


EdChat™ Esquire
Feb 27, 2016
Some students are visual learners and understand concepts better when they are integrated with art. For instance, in biology lessons, students can be asked to construct the heart using papier mache. This would enable them to understand concepts better which is not easy urging normal class work.


EdChat™ Nomad
Aug 16, 2016
At the centre of it all
This would really help a lot of people if it was taught in a widespread manner! When I was at school we did a test which determined which type of learner we were - I'm a very strong visual learner and an artist which makes a lot of sense! The teachers never really went for it in their teaching methods which really sucked - I think it would have helped me a lot if they'd maybe split the kids into groups based on their learning style and altered the activities accordingly? Or maybe offered different options for how you could carry out an activity based on personal preference like, draw a picture OR write a story OR make a model of {X}


EdChat™ Nomad
Aug 13, 2016
Luckily I am only in the beginning stages of teaching. I am a homeschooling mother so I am adapting each day to how my kids learn and what works best for them. My oldest is a visual learner, yet my middle child is so easy to teach! I can explain something to my middle child and she just gets it, it clicks with her. My oldest is not that way at all, and its hard sometimes.


EdChat™ Esquire
Jul 2, 2016
Students do have different strengths when it comes to learning. There are those who learn more through visual teaching while there are also those who learn even without visual aspects but rather through their imagination. I have observed that teaching using visual aids such as pictures and videos greatly stimulate the minds of students and their ability to absorb what they have seen.


EdChat™ Nomad
Aug 18, 2016
It's important to make sure all your students have an opportunity to learn! I took a class recently that used play-doh to learn the parts of the brain. It was incredibly effective. For biology, you could build a heart, using different colors of play-doh for each part. This way auditory learners could listen to you teach, kinesthetic learners can build the heart, and visual learners have the multi-colored parts.