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Teaching How To Memorize


EdChat™ Nomad
Feb 9, 2019
Here are a few tips on how to enhance memorization:

Mnemonic Devices

A common example is NEWS which you could use for teaching a child the cardinal directions - north, east, west and south.

Using Mental Imagery

Some people are visual learners hence they rely on images on how to recall a certain information. You can use this for helping kids in memorizing the different flags.

Utilize Technology

You can teach your kids using your iPad to help them with numbers, shapes and alphabet. There are also a lot of learning materials available on YouTube which you could refer to.



EdChat™ Nomad
Jan 13, 2019
This is so true. There are different kinds of learners so the teachers should find ways in order for them to help their students in all aspects of learning. Same goes with the learners. They should also not rely entirely on their teachers only but they also have to use strategies in order for them to easily memorize details. I myself practiced using codes or acronyms in order for me to memorize details.

charmaine delenila

EdChat™ Nomad
Feb 19, 2019
There are a lot of memorization styles and each individuals do have different learning styles so ofcourse they have their own way in memorizing. It could vary in every individual based on how they are comfortable to cope with.

Here are a few techniques I used:

1. Use Abbreviations. For enumerations and long paragraphs you could create your own make-up abbreviations so that you can easily remember them well. You can create your abbreviations in a way that are funny and unique so that it could be more unforgettable.

2. Use Mental Imagery. You could use this for example in labeling parts. You could create a picture in your head and take it from there.

3. Repetition. This is the basic way to memorize. Just run it through several times in your head several until you can memorize it.