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Stalin 1924-1940 | History Posters | Gloss Paper

Stalin 1924-1940 | History Posters | Gloss Paper [Paid]


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May 4, 2020
junessacrangas submitted a new resource:

Stalin 1924-1940 | History Posters | Gloss Paper - History Classroom Posters | Education Charts by Daydream Education

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The Stalin 1924 - 1940 poster outlines how Stalin became leader of the Communist Party after Lenin died. It also describes how he took control of Russia using the purges, terror and five-year plans. A beautifully illustrated & colourful chart/poster containing enticing images and informative text. Printed on a high quality, heavy duty 65lb gloss paper measuring 850mm x 594mm (A1); the large size makes the bright and...
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