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Ages 5-7 | KS1 Roll and Rhyme


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Activity Time
5 - 10 minutes
In this activity, the students will apply their knowledge of rhyming words by supplying similar sounding words as the one given.

Short Introduction

A rhyme is known as a repetition of similar sounding words, occurring at the end of lines most commonly seen in poems or songs. It is a poetic device that brings rhythm or musicality to poems rendering a pleasing effect which makes reciting them a fun and enjoyable experience. In this activity, the learners will apply their knowledge of rhyming words with a twist using a die and a worksheet.​

  1. Prepare the materials that you need for this activity.
  2. Read each of the given words.
  3. Roll the die.
  4. Once you have a number, refer to its corresponding number in the worksheet.
  5. Supply the rhyming words for the number it landed on.
  6. Write your answers on the space provided.

Handout Previews
Roll and Rhyme Worksheet


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