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Ages 3-5 [Early Years] Religion in a mixed or non religious home


EdChat™ Nomad
May 12, 2014
Growing up, I was taught religion (Catholicism) by my mother, even though I was interested in my father's religion (Muslim).

Now, I have a Christian (not catholic) husband and I consider myself non religious. I'd like our daughter to have an idea of what all these religions mean, and explore them for herself. Usually this would be on the to-do list for someone much older than preschool age.

However, Christianity and Catholicism have made their ways into our schools and government and I want her to have an idea of what other religions are like before becoming overwhelmed by our fast-evolving theocracy.

What are your ideas for teaching about other religions?


EdChat™ Nomad
Feb 12, 2014
I can't provide much insights because I lack the experience dealing with issues like this, but let me share what my friend told his kid about religion.
It goes something a little like this, "Now, son. You heard about all these different religions and how different they are many aspects. It's confusing, even I don't understand them completely! But here's what I did. I think of them as different Disneyland. There's a Disneyland in California, there's one in Paris, and another in Japan......So while they are located in different places, use different languages, operate in different ways, but their objectives are the same: spreading happiness and kindness! "

Kids don't necessary understand the more complex religious teaching while they are still young, but perhaps they can relate more if we use terms or things that they are more familiar with and incorporate them into the teaching?