Registration of independent schools: Resolution of disputes

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    Resolution of disputes between the Department and schools

    An application to register a school will be rejected if documentation is inadequate or not provided within a reasonable timescale, or if the premises are inadequate. A fresh application may be made when any inadequacies have been addressed.

    If a registered school is failing to meet the regulatory standards, the Department may delete it from the Register of Independent Schools.

    An appeal against deletion or rejection of an application for registration may be made to a tribunal. Details of the appeal process will be provided when relevant.

    Resolution of disputes between schools and parents

    All schools must have a complaints policy setting out arrangements that comply with the regulations governing independent schools. While this Department does not intervene in individual disputes, we will – where serious concerns are raised – take steps to ensure a school is meeting the regulatory standards. A fact sheet for parents is available to download from page one.

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