Ages 4-11 Reading comprehension for 1st grader

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    Do you have a trick on how 1st graders can learn reading comprehension? I know of a teacher who said that some of her students were good in reading but when it comes to the test of comprehension they failed. It is like knowing how to read but not understanding what you are reading. My take on the issue is to give the readers something that is relevant to them. An example is the news of the day that a 1st grader will definitely not be interested in. How about a short story about Barbie doll or some other toys? Maybe an item about a particular snack will arouse the interest of the reader.
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    Helping students to find books that they are interested in will surely work for this type of learners. Most of the children's books have colorful illustrations to pique the interest of the students. Some stories are long, so it is useful that it will be divided into several phases and during the time the teacher should ask a few questions to check if the students were catching up on it. At the end of the story, the teacher should also ask the student to summarize the student.

    In addition to this, learning some vocabulary used in the story before the lesson will also enhance the students' comprehension since they are already familiar with the words and expression. It will also give them an idea of what kind of story they will read. It is good to set the proper mood for reading so students will be comfortable for reading.

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