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    Dec 27, 2018
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    It is common for teachers to follow the standard lesson plan that is issued by the department of education. But there are few innovative teachers who make changes to the lesson plan to suit the need of the students. Take note that the standard lesson plan was designed for universal use and there are specific groups of students who may not be able to cope with the pacing. My suggestion is for the teachers to make a review of the lesson plan after a month of teaching. By that time the teacher can have the data about the students that he can use for the needed changes to the lesson plan.
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    Dec 17, 2018
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    Interesting proposal Corzhens.

    I consider that commitment is commitment and everything that is additional and positive is welcome, by this I mean that as teachers, if we commit to an institution to share certain content we must ensure at least that result, now, it depends on the ability and adaptability of the teacher to be able to do them in various ways, adding everything that could add value to these activities, and definitely those adaptations should be made considering the characteristics of students that have and I think a month is a good time to know them a little better.
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    Lesson plan should always include learning goal, a list of resources needed for the lesson plan, note any standards met by the lesson, and lastly anticipatory set like a movie or educational YouTube videos. Encourage students to ask questions. Always plan ahead and have back up just in case your lesson plan just doesn't go as planned.
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    Teachers can adjust instruction or activities based on the level of intelligence of students and interests of the class. They should have back -up plan in case the class find the activities or materials difficult. Because lessons plans are prepared in advance , the teachers should at least make notes on the plans of the adjustments they made which they can use as reference for revision of lesson plans next school year.

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