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All Ages Paper Folding or Origami


EdChat™ Esquire
Jul 2, 2016
Hello everyone! :)

Paper folding which is most commonly known as origami, which has been originally done in Japan as part of their culture has now been embraced worldwide as a form or art involving any kind of paper folding. I remember being taught about the simple types of paper folding by my older cousin when I was still a little girl. We would make birds, benches, boats, hats, airplanes, and balls out of paper. Now that I'm a mom, I also teach my son about origami by teaching him about the simple paper folding techniques I learned when I was still a child.

In my child's school, teachers also encourage children to learn the art of paper folding at their early years. I observed that this kind of activity helps bring out a child's creativity and hand coordination through the different paper folding techniques taught to them.

Older students and even adults can benefit from this kind of art as a form of recreation and stress reliever. The finished products are a vision to look at and they do give a feeling of pride to the person who has created them.