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Oxford University embroiled in race row as students told to be 'vigilant' after black man seen...

The Telegraph

EdChat™ Nomad
Mar 25, 2014
“The colleges have hundreds of students – if a white person comes by they don’t say anything,” Mr Nylander said. “I have lots of white friends who are never stopped.”

He said he has been stopped and asked for identity documents by porters at Brasenose College and Magdalene College on his way to tutorials, and at St Hilda’s College where he had a play rehearsal.

Aliya Yule, an organiser of the university’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality, said there was a similar issue recently where black students were repeatedly stopped and asked to provide identity documents when entering Christ Church College.

“This shows that there is still a problem with black students being seen as other, as security threats, as a danger,” Ms Yule, who is in her final year studying PPE at Wadham College.

“Black students are seen as outsiders, not the kind of person you see here or would want to see here. They are treated with hostility.”

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