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All Ages Movement Exploration

Wilfredo Vasquez

EdChat™ Esquire
Dec 17, 2018
One way to teach P.E. is through movement exploration. This is a method of teaching that involves the use of aids, like Benches and ropes, for example the ropes are used in string jumping and to make figures with them.

What other type of aid do you consider that could be used and what would be its use?.


EdChat™ Nomad
Jan 14, 2019
Have you heard of "Contact Improvisation"? It is a form of modern dance that involves the exploration of one's body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness. It is not for novices, and needs to be approached with gradually staged exercises, spotters are needed... but it is also something most children are capable of doing.

Gained from this exercise is body awareness, agility, balance, strength... not to mention a certain amount of trust and confidence. Look it up, it's an interesting form of dance and exercise. It has been around since the 70s.

here's some good tips for the novice


EdChat™ Nomad
May 7, 2020
Yes ropes does a lot of role in exercising such as jumping ropes and one of the famous and effective use of rope in exercising is the battling rope, where you'll need to wiggle the weighted rope alternately until you make it bounce and make it looks like the sound waves. And also when I am exercising I put bags of sand to my backpack whenever I jog, or you can just buy a sandbags at sports store, it helps a lot to improve your legs and much easier way to reduce weight. And after weeks of using your sandbags try to remove it and you'll feel that you body will be lighter to move.