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Linking Words, Phrases and Clauses using Conjunctions


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This lesson is divided into five parts: Guess Like a Detective, Finding Pieces of Evidence, Making Judgments, Solving the Mystery, & Closing the Case.
Each subsequent part builds on the previous one.
Guess Like a Detective is when the teacher activates the students' previous knowledge about Conjunctions in the Human Bingo activity.
Finding Pieces of Evidence is when the teacher introduces the lesson on conjunctions using either a course presentation or a video and Cornell Notes.
Making Judgments allows the students to practice what they have learned from the lesson by answering the written assessment.
Solving the Mysteries provides an avenue for the students to compose a short essay which uses conjunctions about the items found in the mystery bag.
Closing the Case summarizes the students' understanding of the lesson by completing the sentence prompt in the Simile Me activity.
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