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Lindsey Katalan: Kitchen Art: Hamptons Edition

Huffington Post

EdChat™ Nomad
Aug 11, 2016
Art hunting, a popular spectator sport in the Hamptons, comes with one minor drawback: parking lot traffic. The medley of Hamptons' annual art and design fairs has drawn so many visitors that parking lot coordination can set you back a good hour on opening nights. But, for this unperturbed art lover, the traffic is a small price to pay. Why? Because I know what now seems like common knowledge; the art fairs are getting good again.

Weekend events such as Art Southampton (located in Bridge, but who's paying attention) and ArtHamptons are notable rivals for Basel, Frieze and the like. Art Southampton, for example, boasts 70 art galleries showcasing affable, conversation-provoking pieces. What's more, they cater to the "on the spot" buyer. Sure, you can find an over-appreciated Warhol in booth 203, but most of the art is not extortionately priced. Many galleries display items that are in the sweet spot where you can literally take it home with you that night - for Hamptonites anyway.

As a proprietor of luxury goods for kitchen design firm St. Charles of New York, I'm always on the hunt for pieces you can place in and around the kitchen space. This year, the art fairs seem to have gotten my memo. Here are my top picks for kitchen-friendly art.

aimages.huffingtonpost.com_2016_08_09_1470702145_2671518_FruitMarketSiemReap2010Cambodia_thumb.jpg Christian Voigt: Fruit Market | Courtesy of UNIX Gallery

Exotic fruits take center stage in a vividly captured Cambodian marketplace. Not only is this a colorful addition to a white kitchen, but it's a constant reminder to eat healthy. Bring on the rambutan, please!

aimages.huffingtonpost.com_2016_08_09_1470702273_2486564_GDF0471_thumb.jpg Gan Daofu: Porcelain collection |

Daofu's modern porcelain structures can be seen an homage to the traditional blue and white chinoiserie. Display these in groups of threes on a dining room or coffee table.

aimages.huffingtonpost.com_2016_08_09_1470702301_8457254_Red_White_Blue_Bar_thumb.jpg Peter Anton: Ice Cream Sandwich and Red, White, and Blue Rocket Bar | Courtesy of UNIX Gallery

You would be hard pressed to find an appropriate venue outside of the kitchen space for these frozen delights. Anton's playful food-based illustrations allow for our favorite summer indulgences to populate those smaller, purposeless walls of empty space often found betwixt shelves, cabinets and appliances.

aimages.huffingtonpost.com_2016_08_09_1470702343_6288528_SarahBahbahSexandTakeout_thumb.jpg Sarah Bahbah: Sex and Take Out |

Most people see bachelor pad art. I see a subtle criticism of our present eating habits that needs to be captured and readjusted.