Letting Go by Fay Zwicky

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    Tell the truth of experience
    they say they also
    say you must let
    go learn to let go
    let your children

    and they go
    and you stay
    letting them go
    because you are obedient and
    respect everyone's freedom
    to go and you stay

    and you want to tell the truth
    because you are yours truly
    its obedient servant
    but you cant because
    you're feeling what you're not
    supposed to feel you have
    let them go and go and

    you cant say what you feel
    because they might read
    this poem and feel guilty

    and some post-modern hack
    will back them up
    and make you feel guilty
    and stop feeling which is
    post-modern and what
    you're meant to feel

    so you don't write a poem
    you line up words in prose
    inside a journal trapped
    like a scorpion in a locked
    drawer to be opened by
    your children let go
    after lived life and all the time
    a great wave bursting
    howls and rears and

    you have to let go
    or you're gone you're
    gone gasping you
    let go
    till the next wave
    towers crumbles
    shreds you to lace dash;

    When you wake
    your spine is twisted
    like a sea-bird
    inspecting the sky,
    stripped by lightning.

    Fay Zwicky, "Letting Go" from Ask Me, University of Queensland Press, 1990; audio from The Witnesses, Audio CD, River Road Press, 2010: by permission of River Road Press and the poet. Copyright © 1990, 2010 by Fay Zwicky.

    Source: Ask Me (University of Queensland Press, 1990)


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