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How can you make children fall in love with art work


EdChat™ Nomad
Jan 25, 2020
Well,I guess you guide them how to do it. My parents are lucky they're are not faced with that question. I love art ever since I was young. It's a natural instinct and it just follow if you have an inclination for it. Guess you have to show them beautiful art pieces, let them watch video on how create one so that they will have a good start on how to do it.


EdChat™ Esquire
Jan 9, 2019
Actually, teaching children art can be actualized by knowing what they love most and portraying it in art or paintings. Let's say a child loves a musician, you can him a painting of that musician which he will adore and love the work.


EdChat™ Nomad
May 7, 2020
I guess you can't really make a children fall in love in art, because I believe that being an artist is really on the blood or they are born artistic. But my professor is against on what I believe in, he said that there is nobody who is born so good at art, because for you to be good at it you must practice it until you made the best art of your life. So maybe my prof is right, we just have to learn and keep on practicing.