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Ages 11-16+ [Secondary] Help! Revising history for PGCE


EdChat™ Nomad
Apr 14, 2021
Walsall, England,United Kingdom
Hey everyone, first time posting in a forum like this so here we go...

I'm due to start a PGCE course in September to teach history at the secondary level,
The only issue is my degree is in sociology, although I was able to achieve good grades at history both at GCSE and a-level I'm not 1000% confident in my subject knowledge yet.
I want to revise and up my knowledge for September however I'm stuck in what topics to revise,
I've had a look at the national curriculum but there is such a range I don't know where to start.

Are some topics taught more in schools than others?
Does anyone know what particular topics would be the best to focus on ready for placement next year?


Technical Support
Staff member
Sep 27, 2010
Sydney NSW, Australia
I’m not history trained but I imagine most teachers will focus on the results and retention of exam based subjects so start with exam boards:

Edexcel etc

If you have a reasonable understanding of these time periods you’ll be ahead of some of your peer on the PGCE.