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Energizing Online English Group Classes - Revision Game


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Jun 16, 2020
Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia
Activity Time
10 - 15 minutes
In this activity/game, children will practice miming other students' dance movements.

This game can be used to spice up the revision part of your group online classes, student age 6+. You can use this game to accompany any revision activity you have planned. The game is intended for classes with 2 or more students. Alternatively, if a teacher is teaching a 1-1 class, the teacher and student can play it.

What you need
Any upbeat song. An example is George Baker's Little Green Bag

  • One student stands up and dances to the music the teacher plays and other students repeat his or her movements. After a student has had a chance to move and dance, the teacher stops the music and presents the revision exercise the student needs to complete. See below an example video of the game.
  • This game can accompany all sorts of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening or comprehension activities! For example, when the music stops, the chosen student needs to identify an image on a flashcard or read out correctly a target word on a blackboard or screen. Also, at each pause of the music, the teacher can present on a board sentences where grammar needs to be fixed. Each pause will introduce a different sentence to go over, based on the rules they learned that week.

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