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2 Queens Sat Courtside At The Rockets-Warriors Game, 1 Got Trolled On Big Screen

Huffington Post

EdChat™ Nomad
Aug 11, 2016
Royalty descended on the Houston Rockets’ NBA Playoffs home game against the Golden State Warriors on Friday night.

Clutch, the Rockets’ mascot, cracked a joke about the rogue cup goof from last Sunday’s episode of “Thrones” as Clarke was introduced on the big screen with her fictional character’s full title.

Check out the video here:

Beyoncé and music mogul husband Jay-Z, meanwhile, were welcomed to the sound of their 2003 hit “Crazy In Love.”

The trio’s presence became a hot talking point on Twitter:

No KD.

Beyoncé AND the Mother of Dragons courtside...

If the Rockets can’t pull this one off, they deserve the greyscale.

— Chiney Ogwumike (@Chiney321) May 11, 2019

We can’t lose in front of Khaleesi and Beyonce

— Dj Candlestck (@candlestickem) May 11, 2019

Emilia Clarke and Beyonce are at the Warriors-Rockets game.

That's the "Game of Thrones" final battle we all deserve, frankly.

— Chris Walder (@WalderSports) May 11, 2019

Beyonce and Emilia Clarke are at the @HoustonRockets game and I wish I was at a game now more than ever

— Stephanie Rice (@stephricemusic) May 11, 2019

It’s not known if Clarke met up with Beyoncé after the game.

But some folks on Twitter prayed they didn’t repeat the very awkward chat the pair reportedly endured at an Oscars after-party, which Clarke recalled to late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel earlier this month: