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Postgraduate student tutoring in English, History and Admissions.

Key Stage 4 (Ages: 14-16) Postgraduate student tutoring in English, History and Admissions.


Teaching/Tutoring Experience
I have worked with children for over 8 years in a variety of roles. I am experienced in providing patient and interesting tutorship to children of all ages. My teaching methodology is based upon individuality, I understand that each client has a unique need and I will tailor my sessions accordingly. I believe in practical application, and will set activities in order to engage the client with the material instead of simply reading from a source.

About Me
Professional BiographyI am a postgraduate student, looking to help your child achieve their academic goals. I have worked in a variety of jobs, from a playful after-school club to a before-school tutoring service, and therefore bring a significant amount of flexibility to the role. I will draw on my own experiences within the education system to make sure that the tutoring is perfectly tailored to you and your child.
Education Background
MA (Hons) Archaeology - Upper Second Class Honours.
The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Redborne Upper School: A Level
Law - A
English Literature - B
History - B

Redborne Upper School: GCSE
11 A grades including Maths, English and Science
A* in English Language
A* in Philsophy and Ethics

I'm offering30 Minute Taster Session for Free!
1 hour tuition - in History, English, University Admissions, Essay Writing
Sessions are normally £20 per hour but prices are negotiable if a block booking is purchased!

Try before you buy, message me for a free 30 minute taster session!
Available hours
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20.00 GBP
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