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Phonemes & Spelling Posters

Primary Phonemes & Spelling Posters

A colourful set of 25 A4 sized posters showing the alternate spellings for different phonemes including: ai, oa, ee, oo, oi, ow, ur, ar, or, air, ear, igh and examples of words using each of the alternate spellings.

Phonemes1.jpg Phonemes2.jpg Phonemes3.jpg Phonemes4.jpg Phonemes5.jpg Phonemes6.jpg Phonemes7.jpg Phonemes8.jpg Phonemes9.jpg Phonemes10.jpg Phonemes11.jpg Phonemes12.jpg Phonemes13.jpg Phonemes14.jpg Phonemes15.jpg Phonemes16.jpg Phonemes17.jpg Phonemes18.jpg Phonemes19.jpg Phonemes20.jpg Phonemes21.jpg Phonemes22.jpg Phonemes23.jpg Phonemes24.jpg Phonemes25.jpg
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This is a fabulous resource and a great reference which students and teachers can refer to - very useful. Thanks.