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KS3 French Complete Revision & Practice with Free Online Audio

Key Stage 3 (Ages: 11-14) KS3 French Complete Revision & Practice with Free Online Audio


Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 22708 KB
Print Length: 176 pages
Publisher: CGP Books (24 Jun. 2020)
Language: English

For KS3 French Complete Revision & Practice, look no further than this unbeatable CGP guide! It's packed with crystal-clear notes on all the vocabulary and grammar students need to know. There are plenty of reading, writing and speaking tasks throughout the book, as well as vocab testers, practice questions (with answers) and listening practice - with online audio. What’s more, we’ve also thrown in a free Online Edition of the whole book to read on your PC, Mac or tablet - just use the unique code printed inside the book to access it. Don't miss CGP's other superb KS3 Complete Revision & Practice guides for German (978184143926) and Spanish (9781847628886). ​

CGP's "KS3 French Complete Revision and Practise guide" is designed to cover the whole of the course material for pupils aged 11-14. It includes full topic notes, vocab lists and phrases as well as grammar explanations and worked examples - with matched practise questions and a practise exam paper to test what they've learnt. There's even an audio CD for speaking and listening work. Definitely one to avoid missing out on! --This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition.

Latest reviews

"Good guide but not child friendly." - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 March 2019

"I m happy" - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 March 2016

"I got this for my daughter who in year 8, the book is aimed at key stage three (year groups 7-9). I feel like she doesn't really need it, maybe if she was in year seven or not very good or confident she would benefit from it a bit more. It's a good book, well set out and attractive to kids. If your child is struggling with French or has just started it in year 7, then you will probably find this book helpful. My daughter seems quite content with her school text book, and she has done well in her end of year exam so this really is only a supplement if required. She is however going to be starting Spanish, so I would look at getting her this book for Spanish. An excellent book from the CGP scheme of study. It is aimed at KS3 and has the usual colourful layout, helpful explanations and practise questions. It comes with an audio CD so you can listen to questions and answer and get the accent right. Best of all, there are answers in the back! This is very much like the French books that I used 38yrs ago, when aged 9, I was transported to a French-speaking country and had to learn the language. The not-so-secret secret is to practice and listen, which this book and the CD allow you to do well. I listened to the CD out of curiosity, to see if an authentic French accent was being used, and it did seem as if both the male and female speakers were French or totally bilingual. I couldn't fault the accents or the pace, and everything said was pointed out in English, and then said once at a good pace and then repeated a couple of seconds later.
Answers are included, but aren't on perforated pages that can be removed. The book is meant for revision, but personally, as an English speaker who knew no French aged 9, and then at age 10 went on to win two l'Alliance Francaise awards using something very similar as an everyday study book, this book is excellent.
The only reasons that this loses a * is the font in which the French is written in 'boxes' throughout the text, as it makes it hard to check whether accents, which are incredibly important for proper pronounciation, and apostrophes were in the correct places (they were, but it did take some checking and getting used to the font).

"This CGP complete revision and practice for KS3 French is a good choice for revision but also a quick reference guide at home to support homework or practice questions as the pages are clearly laid out as opposed to searching through a textbook or flipping through class notes for verification of something learnt weeks or months ago that you're struggling with in a new context.
Pages support the average topics learnt between Years 7-9 (they haven't really changed since I was at school!) and are easy to navigate with colour and luckily missing the silly jokes at the bottom of the page that the GCSE ones can be marred by. The inclusion of the audio cd is excellent to help support auditory immersion and learning in French and can be popped onto a smartphone or MP3 player for revision on the go.
Overall if thinking from a school,perspective this would be good for parents to purchase to support their child's classroom learning in French to give good grounding and consolidation of skills for GCSE. If thinking from a adult learning course perspective it may also help support your learning in the beginner classes. However from a home educators perspective this would not replace a textbook, course or computer based lanaguage course but may help support the them." - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 February 2016

"This CPG Books French revision is well laid out, colourful and far less stuffy than some revision books. It's perfect for supplementing KS3 French lessons, being aimed at years 7-9.
The book comes with a CD that has exercises related to the book. A symbol will show when the CD is needed and you listen to a conversation to answer a question in the book. It's a good idea that brings some real world French listening to the mix. Unfortunately, there's not much else on the CD and it feels like it could have been used for a lot more.
There are sections in the book for most subjects, all of which follow the KS3 syllabus, things like shopping, weather and going on holiday, though most are only basically covered. In this respect, it's not going to replace proper French lessons at school but it is really useful to supplement them with extra activities.
What is more impressive is that the layout is really easy to use and this means the book can be used as a reference when doing homework or trying to further understanding of a lesson if pupils have forgotton something." - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 April 2016

It's a straightforward help for those studying French at school.
I say help as it's insufficient to be used alone as a textbook. However as an aid it's good.
It covers the normal areas: family, home, school, weather etc etc.
It's reasonably priced and will be a good accompaniment for French learners. The CD is OK but not fantastic. It could be better but overall I think it's a good revision aid." - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 March 2016

"Very clear and well organised educational aid for KS3 French. Handy sized and well priced this is a great booklet and CD for study and revision purposes. I've used a number of them across a variety of subjects now and found them consistently reliable. This edition is no exception- up to date and gives comprehensive detail on the course at hand with the minimum of fuss. All bases are covered with a lively but focused narrative and plenty of relevant practice material . Can't go wrong." - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 March 2016

"Clearly set-out with achievable goals at the end of the chapter. The lay out helps to explain things more clearly. The cd gives correct pronunciation and is a welcome addition. A great help to those who need a little help with French. Parents may find it helpful for brushing up too. The humour helps keep things fresh. Learning can be entertaining. C'est bon!" - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 February 2016