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KS2 Maths SAT Buster 10-Minute Tests - Stretch (for the 2021 tests)

Key Stage 2 (Ages: 7-11) KS2 Maths SAT Buster 10-Minute Tests - Stretch (for the 2021 tests)


This brilliant book is packed with KS2 Maths 10-Minute Tests, all aimed at confident pupils looking for an extra challenge. It's packed to the hilt with quick-fire tests covering all the topics pupils need for KS2 Maths. We've even thrown in fun educational puzzles to break up all that hard graft. Complete step-by-step answers are included in the back of the book, alongside a handy progress chart to keep track of how pupils are getting on. For more help with KS2 Maths, a Stretch SATS Revision Book (ISBN) and SATS Question Book (ISBN) are also available. For less confident pupils, check out our Foundation Maths 10-Minute Tests (9781782946823). ​

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Paperback: 68 pages
Age Range: 10 - 11 years
Publisher: Coordination Group Publications Ltd (CGP) (20 Dec. 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1782946810
ISBN-13: 978-1782946816
Product Dimensions: 19.2 x 0.4 x 24.5 cm

Latest reviews

"As anyone who has children at primary school will know, SATs exams have recently changed. With all the political upheaval in 2016, it is not yet clear whether changes will be made again. However, from May 2016, the Levels that most of us are familiar with (Level, 4, 5, 6, etc) disappeared and were replaced with a more vague scaled score and children told they are either ‘working towards the expected level,’ ‘working at the expected level’ or ‘working above the expected level,’ with the score range going from 80 – 120.

This KS2 Maths SAT Buster of 10-Minute Tests is for the Advanced Level (children exceeding the Year 6 objectives). There is also a SATs Revision Book and a SATs Question Book at the Advanced Level and similar books available for the Standard Level (children working at a secure level in the Year 6 Objectives).

This book of tests is split into Set A, B and C. Each Set has five ten-minute tests, an arithmetic test and a scoresheet. The back of the book has an answer section and a progress chart. These tests have a good range of questions, which are laid out in a similar style to the real SATs papers to give your child practice in the types of questions they will come across in the SATs tests. I like these 10-Minute tests, which are great for a little extra homework and ideal for tutoring or just exam practice. Nicely laid out, clear and well designed." - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 August 2016

"Just what we need to get prepared for SATs" - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 January 2017

"very useful" - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 April 2018

"Good for my students" - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 December 2017