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KS2 English Reading SAT Buster: Fiction - Book 1 (for the 2021 tests)

Key Stage 2 (Ages: 7-11) KS2 English Reading SAT Buster: Fiction - Book 1 (for the 2021 tests)


This superb SAT Buster workbook is perfect for Year 6 pupils preparing for the KS2 English SATS. It contains four varied and engaging fiction texts, plus a range of questions covering all of the skills pupils need for the KS2 SATS Reading test. It also includes self-assessment boxes and a handy scoresheet to help track pupils' progress. Answers are available in a separate Answer Book (9781782948339). For even more Reading practice, Non-fiction (9781782948315), Poetry (9781782948322), and challenging Stretch books are also available. ​


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Paperback: 44 pages
Age Range: 10 - 11 years
Publisher: Coordination Group Publications Ltd (CGP) (20 Dec. 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1782948309
ISBN-13: 978-1782948308
Product Dimensions: 21 x 0.3 x 29.5 cm

Latest reviews

"There are no answers in any of these workbooks, although there is a cheap answer book available separately which includes the answers for all three workbooks. It is worth mentioning this as, without the answers, it is difficult to mark these correctly and so you will need to order that to use alongside this. It is probably also worth saying that you cannot get an individual mark scheme just for this workbook.

Although I prefer to have answers included, this is a good, up to date, workbook for Reading Comprehension. It covers all of the eight reading elements children are tested on in KS2 SATS: word meanings, fact retrieval, summarising, inferences, predictions, structure, language and comparisons. There are separate question pages for each element, which is useful, so children get to learn which questions require what answers, in order to get the best marks.

There are four different fiction tests in this and you need to unfold the pages to read the different fiction passages. Overall, although this is a useful book and I like the way the questions are clearly defined, so children get to recognise them and realise how to answer the different types of questions posed, the layout is clumsy, the folded pages unwieldy, and the answers not included. So, this a useful workbook, but it is probably best to invest in all three, and the answer book, to get the best out of this." - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 October 2017