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Homework, Behaviour or Attendance League

Homework, Behaviour or Attendance League

This resource is a running record for to monitor your children's behaviour, attendance, homework or anything else you could evaluate at the end of the day, you could even use it as an effort tracker.

You grade their performance in a simple A, B or C format the spreadsheet with calculate the points and display this in colour. You can then click "League Table" and it will automatically calculate the scores into a table of your class. It's effortless for you and is a sure winner to engage children and competition in the class.

You can even use it for a sports day tally, the possibilities are limitless and it's free to download and change, we've also got a certificate and guide you can download to support this resource.

Download the League Spreadsheet

Download the Guide (PDF)

Download the Editable Certificate (DOC)
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