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Secondary History Tutor

Peter Kirby-Harris
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I have 15 years of tutoring experience in History as well as Politics, Economics and Philosophy/RS

About Me
Professional BiographyI have 15 years worth of tutoring experiences throughout the social sciences and I have been working as a tutor for both private clients and London councils for the past 13 years, originally to supplement my income but now in a more permanent capacity. I have worked with home-schooled pupils, excluded or referred pupils, those considered at risk and in care as well as high achievers looking to get into elite universities and students looking to improve their grades to open up a wider choice of university options. At university I worked with students and sixth form pupils on writing techniques and confidence. In addition I have also covered some ESOL classes during the summer holidays. I am available for preparations for GMAT exams and to assist with Dissertations.
I take a student centred approach to tutoring - by assessing a student's interests I can teach to their strengths. I attempt wherever possible to ground the tutorial in a contemporary setting, bringing in examples from everyday life and current events to ensure the learning aims are achieved and committed to memory. I do not have a designated writing technique that I try to instil in pupil, instead I opt for an approach that looks to assess the students strengths and weaknesses and working on making improvements incrementally. It is essential for clients to provide me with examples of written work before we start the tutorials in order that I can understand the pupil's level of attainment and to ensure that homework assignments are completed.
I also maintain an active research portfolio with a focus on the current political, economic and historical significance of environmental issues, especially climate change and sustainability as well as the energy transitions in the UK and globally. Research and teaching are two sides of the same coin, by doing one I help myself with the other and by researching and writing I am able to stay abreast of the changes occurring in contemporary society and infuse this into my teaching approach.
HighlightHelping students get into first choice universities including Oxford
Education Background
Masters of Art (MA) - International Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London
Bachelor of Art (BA) Hons - History, Queen Mary, University of London
Certification and Awards
Professional Accreditation - Economist, Green Economics Institute, Berkshire​

I'm offering
Online or in person tuition (Oxfordshire and West Berkshire only) - for at least one hour weekly​

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Available hours
Peter Kirby-Harris
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35.00 GBP
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