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Helix Drawing Board Clips (Pack of 4), silver

Helix Drawing Board Clips (Pack of 4), silver

"One of these clips was already rusty when I took it out of the packet. The quality of the metal doesn't feel as good as clips I've had in the past - these feel thinner, rougher and less springy. I chose these because I thought a famous brand name would be better quality than unbranded Chinese products, but these are made in China and are probably the same quality as the cheapest ones available." - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 November 2019

"They're made i China, quality is a bit wonky, the clips have very irregular bends, some are normal, but some have sharp bends and are harder to use. They also make great clips to hold books open that do not have lay flat binding!" - Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 August 2015