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FXQ 4PCS Real Bugs Insect Specimen - Teaching Resources Insect Resin Embedded Specimen Creative Craf

Primary FXQ 4PCS Real Bugs Insect Specimen - Teaching Resources Insect Resin Embedded Specimen Creative Craf

  • Name: Insect specimens
  • Size:6.8*3.8*2.2(cm)
  • Material: Crystal resin
  • Color: transparent insect
  • The specimen is fixed to the base in a natural state. Realistic insect specimens, realistic simulations are designed to provide you with true Related insect details. Anyone can safely explore insects from all angles to be clear enough for microscopic observation.​
  • Excellent Role: Through the study of insect specimens, students have a more complete understanding of the insect. It is an ideal learning aid for students and children​
  • Made of high-quality resin and handcrafted, safe, and non-toxic. The edges and corners of the product are smooth and comfortable, and the texture is warm and delicate.​
  • Size: Length: 68mm, width 38mm, thickness:22mm. Lightweight and easy to carry. Let you can use it anytime, anywhere​
  • The specimens built into the product are all-natural and realistic insect specimens, vivid and intuitive. And use a unique process formula, combined with advanced bio-preservation and solidification technology to embed the specimen inside​
  • Multi-function: It can be used for teaching specimens of the school, display specimens in the natural museum, decorative ornaments of the family, book towns of the study, paperweights, etc., and can also be used as gifts for gift giving.​
-Applicable to the use of cold and heat equivalent zone.
- After the model is applied, the dust removal and dustproof treatment should be applied (the dust should be removed and packaged in a plastic bag).
- The storage site should be clean, dry, and ventilated to avoid direct sunlight to ensure the durability of the product.

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Material composition EVA
Brand name FXQ
First release
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