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English: FREE 60 page Scheme Of Work to support 'Whodunit' class reader.

Key Stage 3 (Ages: 11-14) English: FREE 60 page Scheme Of Work to support 'Whodunit' class reader.

This resource is completely FREE. Information as to how to purchase the novel it supports is available at Bulk buy/class set discounts are available by contacting Chris directly. ISBN: 978-1-907432-53-8
'Inky Stevens, the Case of the Caretaker's Keys' is the first novel in the Great School Detective series by Chris Martin (currently nominated for a Waterstones Best New Writer award). Jamie Foster's 'Crime File' is the officially-published resource designed to support the teaching of the school-based thriller in the classroom. It offers a full scheme of work which also doubles as a student handbook (ideal for home schooling). Head of English, Foster, worked with Hogs Back Books to create the FREE 60 page PDF document which has been specially created to be relevant to students aged from 10 to 15...

What teachers are saying about Inky Stevens…
**The Harry Potter of the crime thriller world. (LD. Notts)
**Crazy good! (LC. Lancs)
**You can tell the author used to be a teacher. From the Dinnertime Supervisor to the school glamour-puss, he has all the characters down to a tee… (CW. Yorks)
**A sure-fire hit, especially with boys and disaffected learners. (AE. Lancs)
**Perfect for teenagers! (KT. Lancs)
**A page turner like no other… (IW. Yorks)
**Had my students hooked from the very first chapter. (CC Lancs)

Inky Stevens: The Case of the Caretaker’s Keys by Chris Martin.

‘Oh we do like to scream beside the seaside!’
The Great Storm, which shook Blinkton that September, would live long in the memory of the isolated coastal town. At its height, each wave crashing against the harbour wall sent seawater spewing upwards as a dense curtain of brine, which hung perfectly still for the briefest of seconds, before thumping down with the force of a thousand fists.
This darkest of times provided cover for the darkest of deeds. As the storm swelled to its climax, a malignant force sat, poised to enact a deed of unspeakable evil. For them, the thrashing jaws of the tempest offered the perfect distraction...
Price £7.99. ISBN: 978-1-907432-53-8

The Inky Stevens 'Crime File' contains...
1. More than a term's worth of lesson plans.
2. A fully integrated student handbook.
3. 62 individual student tasks based on the novel.
4 Colour coordinated sections designed or ease of use.
5. Fully differentiated work tasks.
6. Clearly defined learning objectives.
7. A series of mini-projects/one off lessons.
8. Supplementary material, including... a synopsis, an author interview, word puzzles, extension work, drama/art activities....

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