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Blank lesson plan template - 10 minute planning

Blank lesson plan template - 10 minute planning

Quick Lesson Plan
Write an outstanding lesson in under 10 minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 01.25.05.png
Quick Guide:
Activity Description:
Describe the lesson in <2 sentences, think about scheme of work, existing knowledge, links to other subjects or topics.

Learning Objective: Your learning objectives for the lesson. Think about having multiple objectives with different levels of challenge.

Introduction (Starters): Gain student attention at the start and it's easier to hold it throughout the lesson that remains exciting and meaningful (without you dashing around!)

Main Activities: [You create the Main Activity] **Please make at least 3 levels of difficulty for differentiation i.e. students with a higher level of ability ect*** Perhaps let the children decide which level they can participate at (when appropriate).

Difficulty Low:[You create the Main Activity (Easy) for lower ability students]

Difficulty Medium: [You create the Main Activity (Average) for average ability students] Consider students with SEN and/or EAL. What sort of groupings are needed, what are they doing and when? Do you have this mapped to a seating plan with current levels of progress.

Difficulty High: [You create the Main Activity (Hard) for higher ability students] Think what activities you will provide for gifted and talented students?

Difficulty CHALLENGE! [The class or individual challenge: where possible, everyone should be able to do it based on the skills they've learned] - This could be added on the end of each activity.

Mini plenaries: (ways of checking the progress of the learning during the session)

You can attach these to the end of each activity.

How will you assess where your learners are at during the lesson, so as to know how to take them where you want to go? What Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies are you going to use? How does this link to the big picture or theme? What key questions will help you to engage and inspire your pupils?

For a higher quality lesson plan for various Assessment for Learning strategies to allow students to see progress. Using a targeted questions either in a framework or bespoke for your class to help frame higher-order questions. i.e. Questions per table or ability level = consider rewarding the first correct response or other desirable traits for your theme or big learning picture.

Plenary and/or Extension: [This is where the class can be drawn together to share what they've learnt or pushed further] How do we link to the big picture and is there a next step?

Supporting resources (If required): Worksheet1 (Name of your resource) [You enter the title of the resource here and how it is used in this lesson & link to your resource in the section]

Key words : If you're teaching Computer Science, Dance, English or anything key words can help.
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