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Primary Behaviour Traffic Lights A3 & A4

This is a display required to implement a traffic light behaviour management system. Simply print the traffic lights and a class list, cut out your student's names and stick them onto green to get started.

The default download size is A3 and will be printed with a white background, you should mount the cut lights or star onto card or download our easy print & laminate version below.

There are many ways of using a traffic light system here are two:
1) The simple teacher-led model;
: For behaviour that has not been corrected after the pupil has been moved to amber. This should lead to additional disciplinary action being taken by the teacher.
Amber: For students who are off task, breaking classroom rules or your expectations.
Green: For students to stay on task, listen carefully to instructions and are contributing to a positive learning environment.
Star: For students who have exceeded the task or performed above expectations.

2) The child-led model;
In this model the expectations are the same, however you discuss these with the cohort. You can set your expectations within the class.
The children are encourage to mediate the 'off task' and other disputes within the class, effectively managing their learning environment.
The children should be expected to stick to a script when challenging off task behaviour this is:
Pupil challenging behaviour: “Do you understand the task?”
Pupil misbehaving answers: “Yes”
Pupil challenging behaviour replies: “Then why are you not working?”

If the pupil continues misbehaving the pupil goes to 1st warning and the pupil continues on the green light knowing that next steps are vital.
(At this point the class teacher becomes a part of the process and mediates for the group ensuring that all the issues are heard. After all parties are heard a decision is made and the person/persons involved may/may not place the offender onto a yellow or red light)

If the pupil misbehaving replies: “No”
Then it is the responsibility of the requesting pupil to assist the other pupil to understand the task.
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