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Be Share Aware | Online Safety Posters | Gloss Paper measuring 850mm x 594mm (A1) | Internet Safety

Be Share Aware | Online Safety Posters | Gloss Paper measuring 850mm x 594mm (A1) | Internet Safety


Colour Name:Gloss Paper

Children sometimes share too much about themselves on the internet, which brings a whole host of potential risks. Help to keep your students safe online with Daydream Education's Be Share Aware poster: the ideal way to teach primary-age pupils about the impact of what they share online. Encouraging students to think before they post, the large display chart can help to keep your pupils safe in the digital world. Printed on heavy duty high gloss paper measuring 850mm x 594mm (A1), the charts are highly readable from a distance. The Be Share Aware poster can provide a solid foundation for students to ensure they understand what are safe and responsible online behaviours. The poster's large size, use of bright colours and attractive images make it ideal for display in any type of learning environment. Brought to you by Daydream Education, the UK's No. 1 provider of educational wall charts, helping students’ learning in schools for over 20 years!​
  • EDUCATIONAL CHARTS DESIGNED BY TEACHERS: Our posters help students to learn, engage, and remember more information than ever before. Covering a range of core Internet Safety topics, these unique school posters can play a vital role in improving both students' understanding and classroom décor.​
  • SUPPLEMENT KNOWLEDGE: Our educational school posters are colourful, beautifully illustrated and contain a huge amount of valuable information. This Internet Safety poster is specifically designed to help students gain a greater understanding of how to stay safe online. The wall chart is a great resource for Schools, Classrooms, Teachers, Students, Tutors, Home School Parents and Home School Kids.​
  • MAKE LEARNING FUN: Engaging, clear and colourful designs and images create a fun learning environment in which students can excel. Our amazing wall posters can help to increase students’ awareness of Internet Safety, while recapping any key information they've been taught.​
  • LARGE SIZE – IDEAL FOR READING FROM A DISTANCE: Our school wall charts are a generous size, measuring 850mm x 594mm (A1). This ensures all posters are easily readable from a distance. Our educational posters are a fantastic way of brightening and decorating any classroom and can easily complement every type of learning environment.​
  • THE UK’s NO. 1 PROVIDER: Brought to you by Daydream Education, the UK's leading provider of educational posters for schools, with a range that spans over 25 subjects across key stages 1 – 5. By combining a bold, visual approach with simple, concise information, we have provided over five million resources to more than 50,000 classrooms worldwide.​
Brand name Daydream Education​
Colour Gloss Paper​
Manufacturer Part Number ITS002​

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