The Best That Money Can't Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty, & War PDF

by Jacque Fresco

  1. Issa
    Jacque Fresco envisions a global civilization in which science and technology are applied with human and environmental concern to secure, protect, and encourage a more humane world for all people. This book offers a possible way out of our recurring cycles of boom and recession, famine, poverty, a declining environment, and territorial conflicts where peace is merely the interval between wars. It outlines an attainable, humane social design of the near future where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life. The Best That Money Can't Buy is a challenge to all people to work toward a society in which all of the world's resources become the common heritage of all of the earth's people. It is accompanied by 70 color photos of Fresco's original designs, which illuminate the fulfilling lifestyle of a global, resource-based economy.
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  1. Ferdinand
    Version: PDF
    This is truly excellent, I've loved Jacque Frescos thought's for many years now, watching some of his proposals seem entirely possible. Hopefully some of these ideas will be taken into our children's hearts and we start to create a continually developing society for everyone to enjoy the maximum benefits of life for as long as they live. Fantastic philosophy.