Stave House Theatre Show Script

Stave House Theatre Show Script 2015-07-29

The story is about ‘Bee-ing’ yourself; Bee, a Stave House character, wants very badly to be a part of the fun at Stave House but there are no more rooms left to rent – he doesn’t think he has any rhythm and doesn't know how to join in-
The notebuilder tells him all about Elaine the Elephant who wanted to be ‘just like Celia’ but eventually found it was better for her to be herself. Along the way Bee learns to read music and finally ends up writing a tune + conducting his own orchestra.

The story has heart warming sentiments, and touches on key topics such as ‘self esteem’, fitness, your strengths, healthy eating and exercising.

Stave House songs include:
– Dunstan’s Disco dance
– Celia the centipede
– Something really special about me
– Time on my own
– Where is that Ant?

Perfect for school assemblies, dance shows, or just reading and singing in the classrooms.

Useful resources include Elaine’s Exciting Escapade story book, sheet music, party album with the backing tracks from the show.


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This is a supporting resource for Stave House Board & Magnetic Character Set.
To get the most out of this resource you will need a Stave House Board and Magnetic Character Set. See: Music Teaching Pack

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