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Interactive way to teach children to read, write and play music. International Edition

  1. Stave House
    Stave House is a method of teaching children to read, write and play music. It uses a magnetic board and magnetic characters to represent the notes on the stave, and the children learn musical notation through stories, games and songs.
    How does it work?
    Stories about the characters explain where the notes belong on the stage and games are used to reinforce learning. The children can place the notes in the correct place whilst singing along to the catchy songs on the CD.
    The teacher’s manual outlines nine basic steps to introduce the treble clef notes, rhythm and composition. Younger children might stay on the first few steps for up to two years, whilst older children can combine the basic steps with composition, theory exercises and playing an instrument.

    The stories and songs do an excellent job of explaining that the bass clef is just a continuation of the treble clef.

    The rhythm family introduces note values and timing in an easily understood way. Eventually this can be combined with notes for composition and sight reading.

    What are the benefits?
    Who can use it?
    Parents, parent and toddler groups, nurseries and preschools, home educators, home-ed groups, schools and clubs to name just a few!
    Although Stave House is a brilliant method for introducing very young children to music notation, it certainly isn’t limited to that age group. The teacher’s manual recommends that it can be used for 10 and 11 year olds, and it can be used with secondary school pupils!
    Stave House can be used either in one-to-one situations or in group settings. Professor Ruth Travers, the creator of Stave House, worked in a Montessori school and based the method on Montessori principles, so it is ideal for use in Montessori settings.

    This pack contains everything you will need to get started :-
    1 x standard board
    1 x standard magnetic character set
    Teachers Manual
    Playbooks 1,2 & 3.
    C.D: Here is a House
    Postage & Packaging Included

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