Key Stage 2 (Ages: 7-11) Right and Wrong - Improve spelling for kids 1.0

A quick and easy game to help children improve their spelling.

  1. Ferdinand
    In this quick game the presentation has 4 different ways to spell a word, of which one is correct.

    The children use their mini-whiteboards to record the answers or if you want to keep the pace up a worksheet to circle/write the correct word is included. Short words should be written instead of circled to help the children think about the accuracy of the spelling.

    Words include: Was, because, February, answer, tomorrow, ect.

    You can discuss techniques to remember spellings with the children (e.g. big elephants cause accidents under small elephants). Get the children to think about ways to remember words you've just discussed.

    Encourage the children to underline words they feel they have written incorrectly.

    [​IMG] Click here to download the worksheet.


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