Key Stage 3 (Ages: 11-14) Patterns & Sequence 2016-09-27

An interactive activeteach lesson for year key stage 3 learners on Patterns and Sequence

  1. Skoolmaths
    In this lesson, learners are able to generate terms of a sequence from either a term-to-term or a position-to-term rule; recognise arithmetic sequences and find the nth term; recognise geometric sequences and appreciate other sequences that arise.
    With lots of classroom maths activities using drag and drop. Test with instant feedback. Can be used as learner resource or maths lesson plans for teachers.

    Designed with lots of activities for independent learning.
    34 Slides
    Highly interactive
    To view this resource, unzip and open the multiscreen.html file in the folder. The resource is also responsive so can be viewed on mobile devices.


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