Stave House Music Levels 1 & 2 Award

Stave House Music Levels 1 & 2 Award ENG

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These awards are offered by Stave House in partnership with London College of Music Exams, and awarded by the University of West London. The aim is to teach all-round musicianship to very young children, in particular enhancing their sight reading skills. The exams may be entered either individually or in pairs. Children entering for these awards will need to use the Stave House boards and characters for the clef of their choice, and the Stave House rhythm characters, as well as music of their own choice. The work covered from the teaching manual and relevant books will depend upon which instrument they are using. These awards may be used in conjunction with the LCM Early Learning exams.

This is a supporting resource for Stave House Board & Magnetic Character Set.
To get the most out of this resource you will need a Stave House Board and Magnetic Character Set. See: Music Teaching Pack
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