Elaine’s Exciting Escapade

Early Years (Ages: 3-5) Elaine’s Exciting Escapade PDF

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A heart warming story –
Elaine sets out to become like Celia the centipede, but eventually finds it’s far better being herself – and along the way discovers that exercise and healthy eating can be enjoyable & that the very best we can be is who we are !

A story using Phonics & Alliteration with musical class activities included.

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Pyjama School said:
The story is amusing and engaging, with a rich vocabulary to promote language skills. There are some interesting messages and themes throughout the book that would make good discussion points. I particularly like how, at the end, Elaine continues with some of the healthy changes she made to her life, but this time for the right reasons.
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To get the most out of this booklet you will need a Stave House Board and Magnetic Character Set. See: Music Teaching Pack

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