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      1. Draw a square grid, each square should contain a letter. (9 squares min).
        NB: You must include a vowel in every grid of 9.
      2. The objective is to join the letters together making as many words as possible.
      3. What's the longest word.
      4. Ask the learner to write the words they find down or say them aloud once they've found them.
        Easier: Use any words, they don't have to join.
        Harder: Larger grids.
      | P | T | S |
      | ---------- |
      | L | O | A |
      | ---------- |
      | B | M | R|
      In this example you could get 'star' 'plot' 'bots' to name a few.
      Pen, Paper, (optional: large display, mini writing tool i.e. mini whiteboard or tablet)
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