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      Tell the students you are going to play a game that involves completing the word. In some cases there may be more than one answer using different amounts of letters. It can appear to be like a partly completed game of hangman.

      Display parts of a word on the board, then tell the children they have a set time to complete the word. e.g.
      Could be: 'bat', 'bit', 'boat', 'bought', and so on.
      To make the game easier you could tell the children how many words are missing and display visual clues such as gaps e.g. b_t or b_ _ t.

      You could also select a sound and get the students to build a word in any direction. For example,
      aught, could be used to generate caught, taught, naught which can also appear if we remove the first letter 'a' as nought, bought, fought, wrought, thought, and so on. It's usually quite enjoyable for students to play with language in such a way.

      To make this game progressive you could start with a word with one letter missing, followed by a word with two letters missing, then three, four and so on. Always let the students decide what letters are missing and required to complete the word. e.g.
      b_ _ st = burst
      Here are a few sounds and words for them:
      'in' - win, bin tin, sin, finish, finance, instant, inevitable, dinner, (KS3 perhaps) integument
      'ur' - burn, turn, urgent, purchase, furnace
      'er' - beer, bigger, faster, offer, officer, member, loser, geyser
      'ear' - bear, tear, or early, search or fear, ear.

      To extend your students you could try the following sounds:
      1. oi, oy
      2. ur, ir, er, ear, or, ar
      3. or, ore, oor
      4. Check out the 44 phoneme examples for more.
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