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      What you need:
      - a projector
      - computer
      - access to the internet and Youtube
      - the lyrics to songs printed out on (enough copies for the class and you)
      - holiday themed photos for coloring

      Lesson Plan:
      1. Begin by talking to students about what they do to celebrate the holidays with their family
      2. Ask them questions about their lives and what they think people in other countries do
      3. Ask them what their favorite holiday songs are
      4. Explain that people in other countries have similar songs but in their own language
      5. Show videos of the songs in the foreign language
      6. Teach children one of the songs you've chosen for the lesson (preferably an easier one that has a translation to their language)
      A. "Repeat after me" style is the most effective method, one line at the time teach them the song
      B. Have the students up and following along by making the same dancing moves as you to encourage activity and keep the students engaged.
      7. After teaching the song and singing it a couple times, pass out sheets for them to color while leaving the foreign language songs on in the background
      8. Send students home with copies of the songs printed out so they can practice with their families.
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