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      This is an easy, fun game to play with your class however it's vital you maintain the pace. I recommend you play for no longer than 5 minutes.

      Recommended Time: <5 minutes.

      To help your students look at a variety of spellings and think about the correct spelling. It also offers you an opportunity to address common misconceptions in spelling.

      1 - Write a few ways of spelling a word (three or four should be enough) one spelling should be correct, for example.
      2moro, Tomorrow, tomorro, tomorow

      *You can easily adjust the difficulty of this by making the correct spelling more or less obvious.

      2 - Ask the students to write down the spelling which they think is correct. You can do this in books, on paper or using small whiteboards. It's important to get the balance of thinking time and pace correct for your class.

      3 - Use words that you class find tricky or misspell often. [see list of common words & national curriculum words.]

      4 - Discuss strategies the children can use to remember spellings. See what the students use already, mnemonic strategies are usually common, e.g.
      Because - 'big elephants can always understand small elephants'

      Rhymes / catch phrases
      I before E except after C (not a great one as there are too many exceptions)

      Segmenting (popular)
      Wed-nes-day. To-mor-row

      5 - Encourage you students to use these spelling strategies when writing or proof reading. You could also encourage them to put a squiggly, dotted or dashed line under any words they're not sure about. This will help them maintain focus in the content and they can return to the words they've highlighted when they've finished. A great idea if you've got pupils who will digress for several minutes (or longer) over a spelling.

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