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      1. Ask the learner to search or think of reversible words or palindromes. For example:
        Not = toN (reversible word)
        noon = noon (palindrome)
        god = dog (reversible word)
        pat = tap (reversible word)
        rat = tar (reversible word)
        strap = parts (reversible word)
      2. If needed you can get the learner to list as many words as they can (4 or less letters are easiest).
      3. Then look for reversible words and/or palindromes.
      4. Challenge: Set a time limit e.g. 2 minutes.
      5. Can you find or think of any names that are reversible or palindromes, e.g. Hannah, Bob.
      Some other palindromes:
      eve, level, radar.

      Share the palindromes & reversible words you find in the discussion.
      Dictionary, reading books, pen/pencil, paper or mini whiteboard.
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