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      This game is a whole class version of look [say] cover write check. If you're not familiar with the individual game you can easily follow the alt instructions below.

      1. LOOK - Write a word that the children have trouble spelling or one you want them to learn on the whiteboard. (Alt. write/print the spellings individuals are having trouble with, it can be differentiated groups or for individual learners depending on your approach) e.g. February.

      2. SAY - Ask the students to look at the word and read the letters aloud going over them 3-10 times (could be a whole class chant). Encourage them to think, how it's spelled, what it looks like and the order of the letters. (Alt. read the letters quietly and try to visualise the word)

      3. (optional) - Get children to repeat the chant with their eyes closed visualising the word. Practice this several times. (Alt. Close your eyes, can you see the word?)

      4. COVER & WRITE - Cover the word and ask the children to write it down on their whiteboard. (Alt. use paper, book or whiteboard)
        CHECK - Ask, does it look right? Does it read correctly? Are the letters in the correct order? If not, change it.
      You can use the words the children find tricky, the ones in the curriculum or words in your scheme of work.

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