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      Those of us in education often ask what we can do to make a child's day more positive. Each day we can make a conscious effort to make a child's day a bit more positive by thinking about what we're going to say.

      It goes to mention that there are also other factors involved such as how we encourage them, our tone, the expression we convey and our body language.

      Here are some examples of language you could use that will inspire your children.
      'Hey, that's good thinking Dom.' (Showing respect for Dominic's idea & speaking on a friendly level with him)

      'It's tough isn't it? I bet you'll be able to do it if you keep trying!' (Showing confidence)

      'I knew you could do it!' (Recognising achievement)

      'I appreciate it when..'

      'I like the way you did that.....'
      ... 'Because...'

      'You worked really hard on that.' (Observation of effort)

      'Right, you made a mistake what can we can we do to put it right?' (It's okay to make a mistake and the adult is there to support the child putting it right)

      'I like the way you handled/did that'
      'I'm glad you like your work today'

      Think about what you want your language achieve, it is almost certain if you want a positive response, positive language will be more effective.
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