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      Human Heart: Important Components And Its Functioning


      Heart and blood vessels are two most important elements of human circulatory system. Our body itself has two circulatory systems:

      · Pulmonary Circulation: It is a type of circulatory system in which cardiovascular system carries deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs and brings back oxygen rich blood (oxygenated blood) to the heart.

      · Systematic Circulation: The oxygenated blood reached to the heart through the pulmonary process is then carried away to the different body parts. The deoxygenated blood from different body parts is also brought back to the heart so that it can be taken for oxygenation. This process of taking blood from heart to lungs and then lungs to heart & from heart to different body parts and from different body parts to the heart. This process keeps going without any interruption.
      For the classroom resource see, Human Heart: Important Components And Its Functioning


      The heart is the symbol of love; we get to see it on every Valentine’s Day. But the cardiac muscle is important for its functioning and so for our survival!!! Thinking of it in a scientific way and finding out away to show how the heart actually beats will be a truly awesome activity. We can create an inflatable heart.

      Activity: Creating an artificial inflatable heart.

      Learning Objective: Understanding how heart beats.

      Material Required:

      · A Ziploc bag

      · Two straws – one red and one blue

      · Two pipe cleaners – one red and one blue

      · A large red marker

      · A hot glue gun

      How To Make: Follow the following steps -

      Color one side of your bag in red color with the red marker. Cut pipes cleaners, both red and blue, of different lengths. With caution, glue these pipe cleaners on the bag to make them appear as the cardiac veins and coronary arteries. Now insert a blue and red straw and zip the bag. Gently blow into the straw and watch as the heart beats in the rhythm.


      Activity: Food Pyramid

      Learning Objective: A Healthy Heart Learning Sheet

      Material Required: Colors (pencil or cryons)

      How To Work: Take the print out of this fun coloring page and learn about the healthy foods for the heart in each of the food groups.


      Activity: Teamwork Challenge

      Learning Objective: Skipping for fun and fitness.

      Material Required: Skipping Rope

      How To Work: Make two teams and name them ‘A’ and ‘B’. Each team member has to do skipping once on both feet and then using single foot alternatively. Count the number times each team member skips the rope. Count the total of each team. The team with maximum score will win. This team will definitely have the individuals with healthy and strong heart.

      SEE - Human Heart: Important Components And Its Functioning below:

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